Specify a Default Printer

Sage 300 ERP

Specify a Default Printer

To specify a default printer:

  1. From the Sage 300 ERP Desktop menu, click File > Page Setup (or click the Page Setup icon in the menu bar).
  2. Click the Printer button to select a specific printer.
  3. Click the Print Destination button if you want to:
  4. Change the default print destination.
  5. Specify report paper size or report orientation for all printers.
  6. Specify whether to use A4-size paper instead of letter-size paper, or to select a default paper size for reports that can use either letter or A4 paper.
  7. Select the paper size and the source, then select the orientation.
    • You can select paper size only if you did not select Report Paper Size for the print destination.
    • You can select orientation only if you do not use the Report Orientation choice for the print destination. (If you use a laser printer, you shouldn't change this choice for the print destination. Accept the Automatically Select option, depending on your printer.)
  8. Select the option Print On Both Sides (if this option is available on your printer, and if you need to print on both sides).
  9. Click OK.

Additional information

To clear print settings for a report:

  1. Select the program icon.
  2. On the Object menu, click Restore Defaults.

    The Restore Defaults dialog box opens.

  3. Select the Print Setup option, then click OK.

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