Using Static IP Parameters

NI Serial Hardware and Software

Using Static IP Parameters

If DHCP is not available, you must provide the serial ENET interface with several important network parameters. These parameters are listed below.

  • IP address—The unique, computer-readable address of a device on your network. An IP address typically is represented as four decimal numbers separated by periods (for example, Refer to Choosing a Static IP Address.
  • Subnet mask—A code that helps the network device determine whether another device is on the same network or a different network.
  • Gateway IP—The IP address of a device that acts as a gateway, which is a connection between two networks. If your network does not have a gateway, set this parameter to
  • DNS Server—The IP address of a network device that stores hostnames and translates them into IP addresses. If your network does not have a DNS server, set this parameter to

Choosing a Static IP Address

For a Network Administered by a Network Administrator

If you are adding the serial ENET interface to an existing Ethernet network, you must choose IP addresses carefully. Contact your network administrator to obtain an appropriate static IP address for your serial ENET interface. Also, have the network administrator assign the proper subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server addresses.

For a Network without a Network Administrator

If you are assembling your own small Ethernet network, you can choose your own IP addresses. The subnet mask determines the IP address format. You should use the same subnet mask as the computer you are using to configure your serial ENET interface. If your subnet mask is, the first three numbers in every IP address on the network must be the same. If your subnet mask is, only the first two numbers in the IP addresses on the network must match.

For either subnet mask, numbers between 1 and 254 are valid choices for the last number of the IP address. Numbers between 0 and 255 are valid for the third number of the IP address, but this number must be the same as other devices on your network if your subnet mask is

If you are setting up your own network, you probably do not have a gateway or DNS server, so you should set these values to