PCI Hardware Installation

NI Serial Hardware and Software

PCI Hardware Installation

Note  If you are installing a PCI RS-485 interface, you might need to adjust the value of the bias resistors, depending on your application. Bias resistors are not available on eight-port PCI hardware. For more information, refer to Bias Resistors.
Caution  Before you remove your board from the package, touch the antistatic plastic package to a metal part of your system chassis to discharge electrostatic energy, which can damage several components on your serial board.

Before installing your hardware, follow the NI-Serial Software Installation instructions.

To install your PCI serial board, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn off your computer. Keep the computer plugged in so that it remains grounded while you install the PCI serial board.
  2. Remove the top or side cover of the computer.
  3. Find an unused PCI expansion slot in your computer.
  4. Remove the corresponding expansion slot cover on the back panel of the computer.
  5. Touch a metal part on your chassis to discharge any static electricity.
  6. Insert the PCI serial board into the slot with the serial connectors toward the opening on the back panel. Make sure that you insert the board all the way into the slot. The board might seem to click firmly into place, even though it is only part of the way in. The following figure shows how to install the PCI serial board into an expansion slot.

    1 PC
    2 PCI Serial Board
    3 PCI Slot

    PCI Serial Board Installation

  7. Screw the PCI serial board mounting bracket to the back panel mounting rail of the computer.
  8. Replace the cover.
  9. Turn on your computer.
  10. The operating system will automatically detect your hardware.

The serial hardware installation is complete. Continue to Verify the Installation.