Baud Rates

NI Serial Hardware and Software

Baud Rates

The maximum baud rates supported are listed in the table below.

Maximum Baud Rate
RS-232 RS-485
PCI-843x 1000 kbit/s 3000 kbit/s1
PCI-232/485 115.2 kbit/s 460.8 kbit/s
PXI-843x 1000 kbit/s 3000 kbit/s1
PXI-842x 115.2 kbit/s 460.8 kbit/s
USB 230.4 kbit/s 460.8 kbit/s
ENET 230.4 kbit/s 460.8 kbit/s
ExpressCard 230.4 kbit/s 460.8 kbit/s
PCMCIA 921.6 kbit/s2 921.6 kbit/s

All NI serial hardware supports standard baud rates. In addition, the PCI/PXI-843x family of hardware supports any baud rate between 2 bit/s and the maximum supported baud rate for that interface.

National Instruments considers the following baud rates to be standard. NI serial hardware supports these rates up to the maximum rate specified. Your device may also support additional baud rates not listed below:

110 14400
300 19200
600 38400
1200 57600
2400 115200
4800 230400
9600 460800

To set the baud rate, set the VISA Baud attribute or use the Windows SetCommState function and pass the actual value of the baud rate in the BaudRate field of the DCB structure.

1The two-wire auto control mode for the RS-485 transceiver has a maximum baud rate of 2000 kbit/s.

2The PCMCIA-232/4 has a maximum baud rate of 115.2 kbit/s.