PWM Settings

NI Motion Measurement & Automation Explorer

PWM Settings

Use the PWM Settings tab to configure the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) output settings for the motion controller. You can load the clock frequency, configure the duty cycle, and enable or disable the PWM outputs.

The PWM outputs on the motion controller are digital pulse-train outputs that have a frequency specified by Clock Frequency and a duty cycle specified by Duty Cycle. These outputs can be used to control devices that require a PWM input, such as a laser whose intensity is controlled by a PWM signal, or can be used to generate isolated analog outputs by passing the PWM output through an optocoupler and then filtering the digital pulse train to produce an analog output voltage.

PWM Clock Frequencies

Any changes you make on the main PWM Settings item affect all PWMs in the list. In addition, values on the main tab display settings for the first PWM in the list only.

Note Note  Clicking Save on the main PWM Settings item when you have not made any changes does not override any changed settings on the PWM subitems in the list.