Motion Controller Status

NI Motion Measurement & Automation Explorer

Motion Controller Status

The Status tab in the configuration view displays the status of bits in the communication status register of your motion controller. To access the Status tab in Measurement & Automation Explorer, select your device from the configuration tree. The tab appears below the configuration view.

When the motion controller is in the power-up state, the Move Complete Status (MCS) register contains a power-up code describing why the controller is in the power-up state. To access this code, execute the Read Move Complete Status VI or function.

Code Reset Type Cause
0x80 Bus reset Normal PC power cycle
0x40 Power-up reset Normal PC power cycle
0x20 Watchdog timeout Fatal internal error
0x08 Shutdown Shutdown (E-Stop) input active (refer to the Enable Shutdown function)
0x02 Software reset Firmware download

When the controller is not reset and no motor is moving, the status value depends on the total number of axes on your controller. For example, if you have a NI 7340 with 4 axes, the status is 0x1E which indicates that the Move Complete status is True on all axes. Refer to the Read Communication Status function or VI for information about the communication status register.