Configuring Controllers for Steppers and Servos

NI Motion Measurement & Automation Explorer

Configuring Controllers for Steppers and Servos

Before configuring the controller, install the following motion components:

  • Motion controller or NI SoftMotion Controller from the appropriate CD
  • Motors with encoders
  • Encoders (optional for steppers)
  • Drives
  • Universal Motion Interface (UMI), if necessary
  • Limit switches
  • Home switches

Refer to the appropriate hardware documentation for installation instructions. For information about configuring and tuning a motion control system, visit

Note  You must have a complete hardware setup to configure and test a servo system.
Note  National Instruments recommends that you connect the motion controller axis inhibit outputs to the drive. Inhibit outputs are typically used to disable the servo or stepper drive for power savings, safety, or specific application reasons. For more information about inhibit outputs, refer to the NI-Motion User Manual.