Encoder Settings

NI Motion Measurement & Automation Explorer

Encoder Settings

Use the Encoder Settings tab to configure the encoder filter frequency, polarities of the encoders, and so on. You also can enable or disable the encoder(s) on this tab when they are not assigned to an axis.

Tip  If your encoder does not supply resolution in quadrature counts per revolution, determine quadrature counts per revolution by multiplying the encoder resolution in encoder lines or periods by four. Encoder counts per revolution is also referred to as counts per index. For example, a 500 line encoder has 2,000 quadrature counts per revolution.

Any changes you make on the main Encoder Settings item affect all encoders in the list. In addition, values on the main tab display settings for the first encoder in the list only.

Note Note  Clicking Save on the main Encoder Settings item when you have not made any changes does not override any changed settings on the Encoder subitems in the list.