Breakpoint Pulse Width

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Breakpoint Pulse Width

Caution  The breakpoint (position compare) frequency depends on the velocity and distance between breakpoints and is limited by the pulse width. The breakpoint frequency must meet the requirements specified below for correct operation.

The breakpoint pulse must not overlap with the next breakpoint event. If the breakpoint pulse overlaps with the next breakpoint event, breakpoint generation is stopped and the breakpoint is disabled. To recover from this situation change the pulse width, velocity, or distance between breakpoints. In addition, the breakpoint frequency cannot be greater than the maximum value allowed for the specified breakpoint type. Therefore, the breakpoint frequency, in hertz, at the specified pulse width, in seconds, must conform to the following two conditions:


Breakpoint Type Maximum Frequency
Single 150 Hz
Buffered, PID rate of
62.5 µs to 250 µs
2 kHz
Buffered, PID rate greater
than 250 µs
1 kHz
Periodic 4 MHz