3.0 Alpha 1


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F.9 3.0 Alpha 1

Released on July 14th, 2013

F.9.1 Release Notes

F.9.1.1 Known Issues

  • The POSIX build is currently broken
  • LangDLL doesn't display localized language name with Unicode false
  • FileRead may return '?' for MBCS letters with Unicode true

F.9.2 Changelog

F.9.2.1 Major Changes

  • Default verbosity is /V3 without logo, MakeNSISW still uses /V4.
  • ManifestSupportedOS added support for the Windows 8.1 GUID and it is set by default to avoid GetVersionEx compatibility behavior.

F.9.2.2 Minor Changes

  • Fixed !finalize %1
  • Fixed !searchparse (bug #1073)
  • Made installers always respect /S on command line, even when installer file can't be read (bug #1076)
  • Minor MakeNSISW fixes and tweaks
  • Added Zip2Exe Unicode checkbox

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