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F.61 2.01

Released on September 24th, 2004

F.61.1 Release Notes

  • See Compiling NSIS Sources for information about compiling makensis on POSIX platforms
  • NSIS doesn't create installers for Linux/Mac OS X etc., but you can compile Windows installers on these platforms
  • UpgradeDLL is still provided in UpgradeDLL.nsh for backwards compatibility

F.61.2 Changelog

F.61.2.1 Major Changes

  • Compiler (makensis) supports POSIX platforms (Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • New system for DLL/TLB library setup

F.61.2.2 New/Changed Commands

  • Added BGFont that allows setting the background text font
  • Added SW_HIDE to ExecShell's accepted show modes
  • RMDir can now be used with both /r and /REBOOTOK at the same time
  • Extended maximum binary data for WriteRegBin to 3 * NSIS_MAX_STRLEN
  • Added !execute

F.61.2.3 Minor Changes

  • LZMA exehead is now 34KB and should also decompress faster
  • Windows 95 (OSR2)/98/ME no longer see drive free space capped to 2GB
  • Modern User Interface: New orange theme by MoNKi
  • Speedup background gradient painting
  • LogicLib 2.5: Added AndIf, AndUnless, OrIf, OrUnless. Avoids unused variable warnings by requiring !defines before using certain features.
  • StrFunc: Added support for uninstaller, some fixes and improvements. See the readme for a complete changelog
  • The plug-ins folder is properly removed when the system is rebooted
  • SetOutPath "-" works again
  • Fixed a bug which made plug-ins that didn't have lower case extension not be found
  • Fixed a bug that caused directories with drives that had their current directory set to an invalid directory to not be accepted in the directory selection page
  • Fixed a crash in makensis caused by defining a macro in a file included by another macro
  • makensis shows meaningful errors for compression errors instead of just magic numbers
  • Fixed a bug with AllowRootDirInstall used along with InstallDirRegKey that caused the directory in the registry to be ignored
  • Fixed FileRead setting the error flag when a null character is the first character it reads
  • Fixed a bug which caused the background gradient to paint slowly
  • File paths relative to the root folder work again
  • Added Colors.nsh
  • Made Times New Roman default font for the background text because it should always have support for the locale's language
  • Fixed compilation of NSISdl under VS.NET
  • SetCtlColors /BRANDING wasn't working right, if just one of the background or text color were specified
  • Language file fixes and improvements

F.61.2.4 Utilities and Plug-ins

  • System: New, hopefully more informative, documentation; fixed some bugs
  • Banner: Added getWindow to allow greater control over the banner window
  • InstallOptions 2.41: Bitmaps are now automatically centered, fixed a bug which prevented enabling the next button from the leave function of InstallOptions pages, fixed a rare freeze
  • Zip2Exe 0.32: Fixed codepage problems
  • nsExec: Always create a valid input handle, fixed a problem when called from a path with spaces
  • VPatch: Close all open file handles when one of them fail to open
  • NSISdl: Added /NOIEPROXY (based on memph's code)

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