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F.20 2.42

Released on December 20th, 2008

F.20.1 Release Notes

  • Merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah!
  • Plug-in developers should check out the new plug-in API in Examples\Plugin and convert their plug-ins, especially in case they require staying loaded.

F.20.2 Changelog

F.20.2.1 Major Changes

  • Deprecated /NOUNLOAD and SetPluginsUnload to make scripts simpler and safer (patch #1912699)
  • Useful header functions no longer require usage declaration and different syntax for uninstaller functions
  • Revamped plug-in API now comes in the form of pluginapi.lib, API version information and more common functions (patch #2359978)

F.20.2.2 Minor Changes

F.20.2.3 Translations

F.20.2.4 Build System

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