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F.33 2.29

Released on July 14th, 2007

F.33.1 Release Notes

  • The most notable addition in this release is nsDialogs - a faster and far more capable replacement for InstallOptions. It allows creating controls of any type directly from the script and removes the need to mess with slow INI files. It integrates directly into the script by calling functions for notification, including change notification for edit boxes. Speak up if you have any suggestions/comments/patches for it.

F.33.2 Changelog

F.33.2.1 Major Changes

  • Added nsDialogs - a replacement for InstallOptions

F.33.2.2 Minor Changes

F.33.2.3 Utilities and Plug-ins

F.33.2.4 Translations

  • Added International Spanish

F.33.2.5 Build System

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