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F.37 2.25

Released on March 31st, 2007

F.37.1 Changelog

F.37.1.1 Major Changes

  • Added Memento.nsh for easy persistency of user selections across different runs of the installer (RFE #1677624)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.24 that allowed the license page to be skipped even with agreement check box or radio buttons (bug #1664428)

F.37.1.2 Minor Changes

  • Added Vista manifest to StartMenu.nsi example to avoid backward compatibility mode that moves shortcuts (bug #1664957)
  • Both dashes and slashes are supported as switch prefixes on makensis.exe (bug #1661503)
  • Delete uninstaller temporary directory on reboot (patch #1660626)
  • Distribute Plug-in example with the NSIS package and not only with the source code
  • Fixed lossy Unicode conversion of dialog template strings (bug #1662190)
  • Fixed Sections.nsh macros support for $0 as input (bug #1664648)
  • Fixed uninstallers support for the /D= command line switch
  • Improved logging of WriteReg commands
  • Minor documentation updates and fixes (including patch #1662419)

F.37.1.3 New/Changed Commands

F.37.1.4 Utilities and Plug-ins

F.37.1.5 Translations

F.37.1.6 Build System

  • Added APPEND_LIBPATH and APPEND_CPPATH instead of the malfunctioning CPPPATH and LIBPATH
  • Added ChangeLog to source code package (patch #1680508)
  • Avoid some warnings on VS2005 (patch #1667950)
  • Fixed lzma test segfault on POSIX (bug #1666873)
  • More strict-aliasing compatibility (bug #1635841)
  • NSIS Menu finally built from source

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