2.0 Beta 4


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F.67 2.0 Beta 4

Released on November 19th, 2003

F.67.1 Release Notes

  • The /LANG parameter is no longer available for any text setting instructions. You must use a LangString if you want to make a certain text multilingual. This means you can also set one text for all languages. To make the license data multilingual you should use LicenseLangString.
  • Modern UI 1.67: Because of the new syntax for pages, renaming of settings and variable names etc., you have to make some changes to your scripts, see the Modern UI Readme for details.
  • Custom Pages now have a leave function. As this parameter is placed before the caption you have to add another "" empty string for the title to work.
  • .onSelChange is no longer called when the components page is created.
  • The icons folder has been renamed to Graphics and was reorganized. If you were using any files from Contrib\Icons in your script, you should update it to point to the new image or icon path.
  • UpgradeDLL has been changed, it's highly recommend that you include the new version in your script using !include "UpgradeDLL.nsh" instead of the old one.

F.67.2 Changelog

F.67.2.1 Major Changes

  • CHM documentation - searchable and comes with an index
  • User variables ($VARNAME) that can be declared with the Var command
  • Support for all pages in both installer and uninstaller. Components, directory and license pages can be used for the uninstaller
  • Improved large files handling (way lower requirements to compile a 2GB installer now)
  • Full support for RTL languages, including support for LTR and RTL languages in one installer
  • Modern UI 1.67: New system & syntax for pages, settings (support for multiple pages of the same type, page specific settings, more customization options etc.), Welcome/Finish pages for uninstaller, LicenseForceSelection support, new options for Finish page / language selection dialog, fixes, more
  • Extraction progress
  • No more unprocessed strings, variables can be used everywhere
  • Leave function for custom pages: Input on InstallOptions pages can be validated using script code
  • Interface improvements: Better ClearType support, no more flickering
  • OnMouseOver text is only displayed when mouse over section
  • NLF language files (v6): language specific fonts, RTL and more strings
  • Inner LangStrings can be used in the script
  • No more /LANG, only LangStrings - easier to set one string to all languages
  • LangStrings are no longer installer/uninstaller specific (no un.)

F.67.2.2 New/Changed Commands

F.67.2.3 Minor Changes

  • RO sections can now be in InstTypes too (defaults to old behavior)
  • Increased limit of InstTypes to 32
  • Improved macros & functions: UpgradeDLL, GetParent, GetParameters. Using the new versions is recommended.
  • Fixed SetOutPath not setting current directory if the directory didn't exist before
  • Components tree: fixed problems with sub-sections with RO sections as children, SF_EXPAND now refreshes the components tree and added SF_PSELECTED for partially selected sub-sections
  • Improved AddBrandingImage: doesn't depend on the UI, can set image on the bottom and on the right, support for custom padding value
  • Better installation directory verification
  • Fixed all known problems with temporary files and directories
  • Documentation fixes
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Code clean-ups and some more comments
  • More...

F.67.2.4 Utilities and Plug-ins

  • MakeNSISW 2.0: UI to define symbols, easy access to recent scripts, toolbar and more
  • Zip2Exe 0.3: based on header files, improved interface, Modern UI support, new script code, improved folder detection
  • InstallOptions 2.2: added LINK control, added EXTENDEDSELECT flag for list boxes which replaces MULTISELECT that now acts exactly as the real style flag ([double] click turns on or off selection), fixes
  • BgImage plug-in stability fixes
  • Added vPatch: patch generator and plug-in that applies the patches
  • Banner plug-in improvements: responds to messages and some new /set tricks by brainsucker
  • AdvSpalsh plug-in improvements: smaller, better transparency support and a possible bug fix
  • System plug-in improvements: Unicode, GUID and COM support
  • nsExec plug-in improvments: ability to run 16 bit code and tabs to spaces conversion
  • Math plug-in
  • Delphi unit for NSIS plug-ins

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