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F.28 2.34

Released on December 24th, 2007

F.28.1 Release Notes

  • Thanks to user input on Modern UI 2, it is now ready for mass consumption at no better time than the holiday season. The installer for NSIS itself now exploits the wonders of MUI2 and nsDialogs and so should you.

F.28.2 Changelog

F.28.2.1 Major Changes

F.28.2.2 Minor Changes

F.28.2.3 Utilities and Plug-ins

  • Added missing stack handling in nsDialogs examples
  • Added NSD_GetState for checkboxes and radio buttons, NSD_SetFocus, NSD_CreatePassword and NSD_CreateDropList (patch #1848940)
  • Fixed documentation of nsDialogs::SelectFolderDialog (bug #1841120)
  • Fixed NSD_CreateComboBox so it'd work like InstallOptions (bug #1851136)

F.28.2.4 Translations

  • Bulgarian updates
  • German fixes

F.28.2.5 Build System

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