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F.60 2.02

Released on October 23rd, 2004

F.60.1 Changelog

F.60.1.1 Major Changes

  • Added lots of small usage examples to the documentation
  • Made relative jumps work with instructions that add multiple entries
  • Made the datablock optimizer much faster
  • Made the installer deny reboots while running (WM_QUERYENDSESSION)
  • Made the Reboot command first quit and then reboot so everything is always cleaned-up

F.60.1.2 New/Changed Commands

F.60.1.3 Minor Changes

  • Added Albanian language files
  • Added NSIS_CONFIG_COMPONENTPAGE_ALTERNATIVE configuration option which makes components only be toggled when the user clicks on the checkbox and makes .onMouseOverSection only be called when the user selects a component
  • Added some CppUnit tests
  • Both _?= and /D= now require a space before them so they can safely remove the space from $CMDLINE
  • Fixed a bug that caused the uninstaller CRC-check to fail if !packhdr created a non-512-bytes-aligned exehead
  • Fixed a compiler crash caused by using GetCurrentAddress
  • Fixed errors when using 'File /r .' on Windows
  • Fixed gcc 3.4 compile errors
  • Fixed inconsistencies between error levels and the documentation
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks
  • Language file fixes
  • Makefile improvements
  • Modern UI 1.71: Made the selected language only be saved if the installation was successful
  • Some code refactoring
  • StrFunc: Rewrote StrSort and fixed StrStrAdv. See the readme for a complete changelog

F.60.1.4 Utilities and Plug-ins

  • Banner: Fixed some cases where the banner would not show on the foreground

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