3.0 Beta 3


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F.4 3.0 Beta 3

Released on December 26th, 2015

F.4.1 Changelog

F.4.1.1 Major Changes

F.4.1.2 Minor Changes

  • Fixed System plugin GUID type output bug on Win98
  • FileWriteUTF16LE can add a BOM with the /BOM switch
  • CreateShortcut icon index can now be larger than 255 (bug #1123)
  • !system and !execute now provide an empty StdIn pipe to work around bugs in some Windows utilities
  • Added support for 0o octal radix prefix on number literals in the preprocessor
  • The single parameter version of !if now also supports floats
  • Preprocessor now warns when invalid floating point numbers are used in math operations
  • MakeNSISW now uses WinInet when checking for updates

F.4.1.3 Translations

  • Brazilian Portuguese updated (Felipe) (patch #263)
  • Polish updated (PaweĊ‚ Porwisz)

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