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F.19 2.43

Released on February 5th, 2009

F.19.1 Release Notes

  • A few minor changes were made to the new plug-in API that break backward compatibility. Header and library paths were changed and RegisterPluginCallback has changed its return value.

F.19.2 Changelog

F.19.2.1 Minor Changes

  • Added WinCore.nsh, WinDef.nsh, WinError.nsh, WinNT.nsh and WinUser.nsh for more useful Windows definitions
  • Fixed a crash caused by !packhdr compressing resources (bug #2533431)
  • Minor documentation improvements (including bug #2564005)
  • Modern UI 2: Fixed MUI_DIRECTORYPAGE_BGCOLOR (bug #2494528)

F.19.2.2 Utilities and Plug-ins

F.19.2.3 Translations

  • Added Esperanto
  • Bulgarian fixes

F.19.2.4 Plug-in API

  • Added VS2008 project files
  • Better installation of header and library files under POSIX - see INSTALL file for more information
  • Header and library files were moved to a subdirectory named nsis to prevent collisions
  • RegisterPluginCallback now returns int instead of BOOL for a wider range of error reporting

F.19.2.5 Build System

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