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F.26 2.36

Released on March 29th, 2008

F.26.1 Release Notes

  • nsDialogs is picking up its pace and offers lots of new macros in this release. Keep the patches and requests coming!

F.26.2 Changelog

F.26.2.1 Major Changes

F.26.2.2 Modern UI

  • Fixed start menu page setting the error flag (bug #1891106)

F.26.2.3 nsDialogs

  • NSD_AddStyle and NSD_AddExStyle for easy customization (patch #1900588)
  • NSD_CB_AddString, NSD_CB_SelectString, NSD_LB_AddString and NSD_LB_SelectString for easier handling of combo and list boxes
  • NSD_CreateNumber and NSD_SetTextLimit for limited input fields
  • NSD_SetImage, NSD_SetStretchedImage, NSD_ClearImage and NSD_FreeImage for image handling
  • NSD_SetState, NSD_GetState, NSD_Check and NSD_Uncheck for handling of check boxes and radio buttons (patch #1900588)
  • NSD_SetText for easily setting control's text
  • OnClick support for labels (bug #1908732)
  • Support for edit box change notification in combo box

F.26.2.4 Minor Changes

  • Fixed exception handling of UPX compressed icons (bug #1896500)
  • Fixed InstallDirRegKey example in bigtest.nsi
  • Fixed Memento's documentation to include ${MementoSectionDone}
  • Fixed rare decompression error with 0x4001 bytes of compressed data (bug #1874297)
  • LangFile.nsh: Added LANGFILE_INCLUDE_WITHDEFAULT to load language file with defaults being obtained from a default file. This replaces the LANGFILE_DEFAULT setting and makes it easier to use LangFile.nsh for multiple sets of languages file without having to care about the different LANGFILE_DEFAULT settings.
  • Minor documentation improvements (including bug #1891266, bug #1894033, bug #1896803)
  • MultiUser: Fixed error when a custom installation mode initialization function is used only for the installer
  • MultiUser: Fixed default installation mode based on registry key (bug #1913029)
  • MultiUser: Fixed no uninstaller handling (MULTIUSER_NOUNINSTALL)

F.26.2.5 Utilities and Plug-ins

F.26.2.6 Translation

F.26.2.7 Build System

  • Fixed build of NSIS Menu with wxGTK (bug #1900233)
  • Use CRLF for DSW and DSP files to avoid corruption messages
  • Various build fixes for GCC 4.3, amd64 and Linux in general

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