2.0 Beta 1


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F.70 2.0 Beta 1

Released on February 9th, 2003

  • User interface improvements: better order/grouping of controls, button selection problems fixed, added minimize box, transparent BrandingText
  • LangString improvements: can be used before they have been defined, warning if not present in all language tables
  • New version of the Modern User Interface with UI improvements, bugfixes and some small new features
  • InstallOptions 2.0 with support for custom font and DPI settings, groupboxes, grouped controls, lots of bugfixes etc.
  • No more random compression ratios
  • SetOutPath now sets the working directory
  • File names are validated, directory given by the user will now always work
  • $QUICKLAUNCH now works with SetShellVarContext all
  • Automatically appended directory name in the directory selection dialog will no longer contain squares if not all characters are ASCII.
  • Fixed a bug with remote drives and available space (\\remote\drive)
  • Plug-in function's names are now case insensitive
  • Fixed a bug with specifying Icon twice
  • Include dirs (!addincludedir)
  • On leave function for pages
  • Installers can now really contain more than one branding image
  • All !if/!else/!endif problems should be solved now
  • SetFont "MS Shell Dlg" adds the DS_SHELLFONT style
  • Win9x rename on reboot now also works when the destination file does not exist
  • DeleteRegKey works on default value
  • nsExec can be called from an installer executed by CreateProcess
  • WriteUninstaller sets error code
  • Banner.dll compatible with Modern UI
  • Fixed focus problems in MakeNSISw
  • Updated and new translations
  • Some new bitmaps for the MUI by Virtlink
  • Faster and better MakeNSISw integration
  • New .NET Framework detection function
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Code clean-ups (compiles on VC7)

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