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F.59 2.03

Released on December 3rd, 2004

F.59.1 Release Notes

  • If you're using File /r folder in your script, it's recommended you replace it with File /r folder\* for faster compilation and so no other folders named folder will be included
  • Command line switches prefix on POSIX has changed to a dash
  • The plug-in API change is backward compatible

F.59.2 Changelog

F.59.2.1 Major Changes

  • Added another parameter to plug-in functions with a pointer to exec_flags and ExecuteCodeSegment
  • Fixed handling of absolute paths on POSIX
  • Made RegDLL load and unload a DLL exactly once to fix crashes with COM DLLs registration

F.59.2.2 New/Changed Commands

  • Added /date switch to !define for definition of date and time constants
  • Added /x switch for File and ReserveFile to exclude files and directories
  • Made File's /r switch always search in subdirectories, even if the given path points to an existing directory

F.59.2.3 Minor Changes

  • Added missing #include
  • Added NSIS_LZMA_COMPRESS_WHOLE to the script define list
  • Documentation fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an access violation in case of a script jump beyond the last entry
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in the instfiles page while installing
  • Fixed unpacking window not showing when BGGradient is used
  • Fixed unused label warning in Library.nsh
  • Language file fixes
  • Modern UI 1.72: Fixed state of Cancel button on Finish page when used in installer and uninstaller, added a string for NSIS_CONFIG_COMPONENTPAGE_ALTERNATIVE
  • nsisconf.nsh was not always parsed when compiling using MakeNSISw

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