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F.52 2.10

Released on October 4th, 2005

F.52.1 Changelog

F.52.1.1 Major Changes

  • Added auto completion to the directory page
  • Fixed a bug, introduced in 2.09, that caused AllowRootDirInstall to fail
  • Fixed a thread leak in the POSIX implementation of LZMA
  • VPatch 3.1: MD5 checksums, better performance, and some bug fixes (including bug #1219806)

F.52.1.2 Minor Changes

  • Added rounding of required and available size on the directory page (1.59 => 1.6 instead of 1.5)
  • Added WS_EX_LEFTSCROLLBAR style in RTL mode (bug #1283528)
  • Fixed alteration of the working directory by FileRequest in InstallOptions (bug #1287731)
  • Fixed bad mnemonic key in MakeNSISw menu (bug #1288159)
  • Fixed negative size values showing up after the decimal point in the directory page for very big sizes
  • Minor documentation improvements and fixes
  • Modern UI 1.74: Fixed compile error when checkboxes are used on multiple finish pages

F.52.1.3 Translations

  • Fixed a bug in Slovenian translation that caused lots of missing language string warnings
  • Fixed typos in Serbian translation
  • Fixed typos in Thai translation
  • Updated Simple Chinese translation

F.52.1.4 Build System

  • Automatic fix for VC6 SP6 compile error
  • Moved most of the configuration from config.h to the build system
  • Removed all optimizations and symbol stripping in debug mode
  • SCons requirement updated to 0.96.91
  • VPatch can be built on POSIX as well

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