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F.55 2.07

Released on June 20th, 2005

F.55.1 Release Notes

  • NSIS Update was removed and the update check was moved back to MakeNSISw (Help -> NSIS Update). Use the nightly builds to get the latest compiled binaries from CVS.
  • Solid compression is no longer the default for bzip2 and lzma, use SetCompressor /SOLID bzip2 or SetCompressor /SOLID lzma for solid compression.
  • Source code is no longer supplied with the installer package. Source code can be downloaded from CVS or from the download page.
  • The directory structure of the installation has been changed. All documentation is now in the Docs folder and all examples are in the Examples folder.

F.55.2 Changelog

F.55.2.1 Major Changes

  • Added /SOLID switch for SetCompressor
  • New build system (see appendix G)
  • Stubs (exeheads) are no longer compiled into makensis.exe, but kept in the Stubs folder

F.55.2.2 New/Changed Commands

  • EnumRegValue sets the error flag, if the enumeration index is out of range (bug #1178756)
  • ExpandEnvStrings now sets the error flag as the documentation states
  • Made File /oname throw an error if the first character is a quote

F.55.2.3 Minor Changes

F.55.2.4 Include Files

F.55.2.5 Utilities and Plug-ins

  • Fixed halibut segfaults on PowerPC (patch #1180886)
  • Math: Fixed memory leak (brainsucker)
  • zip2exe: upgraded to zlib 1.2.2

F.55.2.6 Translations

  • Added Malaysian translation (Azwa)
  • Added Welsh translation (Rhoslyn Prys)
  • Fixed Breton NLF file (credits weren't commented)
  • Fixed duplicate accelerator in French translation (bug #1168652)
  • Improved French translation (bug #1220277)
  • Updated Russian translation (Dmitry)
  • Updated translation credits (patch #1223362)

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