3.0 Alpha 0


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F.10 3.0 Alpha 0

Released on May 19th, 2013

F.10.1 Release Notes

  • MakeNSIS can now generate ANSI and Unicode installers. Source files can be UTF8SIG, UTF16BOM or traditional MBCS text files (which are converted to Unicode with ACP unless you specify a different codepage). The default plugins are now stored in sub-folders based on their CPU target and character set encoding.

F.10.1.1 Known Issues

  • The POSIX build is currently broken
  • LangDLL doesn't display localized language name with Unicode false
  • FileRead may return '?' for MBCS letters with Unicode true

F.10.2 Changelog

F.10.2.1 Major Changes

F.10.2.2 Minor Changes

  • Added !getdllversion (bug #2809308)
  • Added !appendfile /CHARSET parameter
  • Added !if support for /fileexists, case sensitive comparisons, hex and float
  • Added more definitions to WinMessages.nsh
  • %temp%\Low will be used if the installer cannot write to %temp% nor %windir%\Temp (bug #2909242, patch #2912824)
  • Added ${NSIS_PACKEDVERSION}, the NSIS version packed as a hex number (patch #2680832)
  • Added ${__MACRO__} and ${__COUNTER__} predefines
  • Added UnsafeStrCpy instruction, it can write to special variables like $PLUGINSDIR
  • Added VIFileVersion
  • Added !finalize for post-build commands (like signing the installer)
  • Plugins in ${NSISDIR}\Plugins have to be reserved with ReserveFile /plugin
  • MakeNSIS /NOTIFYHWND uses a (optional) new event name to abort compilation, see build.cpp/h for details.
  • Reduced !include/!insertmacro recursion stack usage (bug #3067954)
  • Fixed minor MakeNSIS leaks (bug #3474662)
  • Fixed MUI_FINISHPAGE_TITLE_3LINES padding when reboot is required (bug #3400067, bug #3408407)
  • Fixed removal of read only attribute even if Delete or RMDir fails (bug #3072159)
  • Fixed ${__SECTION__} in hidden sections (RFE #1787648)
  • Various documentation fixes (bug #3063566, bug #3567313, patch #3307144)
  • Lots of other small fixes...

F.10.2.3 Translations

  • Changed LANGFILE macro in LangFile.nsh
  • Warnings are now displayed for missing strings (LANGFILE_INCLUDE_WITHDEFAULT)
  • Added Georgian (David Huriev)
  • Added Pashto (Pakhtosoft)
  • Added Scottish Gaelic (GunChleoc)
  • Fixed Korean MUI_[UN]TEXT_FINISH_INFO_* (bug #3541515)

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