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F.53 2.09

Released on August 26th, 2005

F.53.1 Changelog

F.53.1.1 Major Changes

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.08, that prevented uninstallers from deleting $INSTDIR
  • Fixed a bug that caused "C:\ " to be considered a valid installation directory, even without AllowRootDirInstall

F.53.1.2 New/Changed Commands

  • Var can now be used in sections and functions, but only with the /GLOBAL flag

F.53.1.3 Minor Changes

  • Applied patch #1248335 for greater portability of examples
  • FileFunc: workaround for GetLongPathName which is not available on Windows 95 (Instructor)
  • Fixed an unused label warning in Library
  • Fixed duplicate label errors in LogicLib and Library when used in different files (bug #1243865)
  • Modern UI 1.73: fixed checkboxes on uninstaller finish page or multiple finish pages
  • WordFunc: fixed incorrect replacement of first word in WordReplace, under some conditions (Instructor)

F.53.1.4 Translations

  • Renamed Malaysian to Malay
  • Update Thai translation to the latest version
  • Updated Kurdish MUI translation to the latest version

F.53.1.5 Build System

  • Fixed a number of build problems on POSIX platforms which caused plug-ins to malfunction and installers to crash

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