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F.35 2.27

Released on May 5th, 2007

F.35.1 Release Notes

  • This is a quick-fix release that addresses a bug introduced in the last version, 2.26, that caused $PROGRAMFILES and $COMMONFILES to translate into random strings in the uninstaller.

F.35.2 Changelog

F.35.2.1 Major Changes

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.26 that made $PROGRAMFILES and $COMMONFILES unavailable in the uninstaller

F.35.2.2 Minor Changes

  • Disable the X button on InstallOptions pages when CancelEnabled is 0
  • Fixed incomplete MessageBox usage line (bug #1709460)

F.35.2.3 Build System

  • Added TOOLSET option to allow selection of specific build tools (e.g. scons TOOLSET=mingw)

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