2.0 Release Candidate 1


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F.66 2.0 Release Candidate 1

Released on December 27th, 2003

F.66.1 Release Notes

  • Trying the LZMA compression method for your installer is recommended. It often gives a 20% better compression ratio.
  • Modern UI 1.68: The setting to change the title size on the Welcome page and Finish page has been changed

F.66.2 Changelog

F.66.2.1 Major Changes

  • LZMA compression support. Added SetCompresssorDictSize.
  • Modern UI 1.68: New settings for extra space for title and text on Welcome page and Finish page, improved handling of verbose settings, language file string for uninstaller reboot information, more
  • Shell folders are now detected using shell API functions and not the registry. This is the recommended method by Microsoft. New constants have been added in the process ($FONTS, $SENDTO and more...). See section 4.2.3 for more details.
  • Added LogicLib to distribution (easier conditional execution etc.)
  • Added DirVerify and GetInstDirError to allow custom error checking when the installation directory is invalid or the drive does not have enough space
  • Support for reading environmental variables at compile time: $%envVarName%
  • Added /SD parameter for MessageBox. Allows to set default for silent installers.
  • New conditional compilation options: !ifmacrodef and !ifmacrondef.
  • New sections macros for mutually exclusive section selection
  • Improved RTL support by adding WS_EX_RTLREADING wherever possible

F.66.2.2 Utilities and Plug-ins

  • InstallOptions 2.3: Added new control type "Button", added new flag "NOTIFY", added new flag "NOWORDWRAP" for multi-line text boxes, reduced size down to 12K
  • MakeNSISW: More options to set the compression method
  • Zip2Exe 0.31: Fixed compression setting, LZMA compression support
  • VPatch 2.1: Better error handling and exit code for GenPat

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