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F.51 2.11

Released on November 12th, 2005

F.51.1 Release Notes

  • Rebuilding existing installers that use SetOverwrite ifdiff, might falsely overwrite files once

F.51.2 Changelog

F.51.2.1 Major Changes

  • Added a workaround for a bug that prevented detection of some special folders (e.g. $DESKTOP for all users) on Windows 9x (bug #1008632)
  • Fixed a crash caused by copying very long details to clipboard in the installation log page (bug #1314004)

F.51.2.2 New/Changed Commands

F.51.2.3 Minor Changes

  • Added support URL to the NSIS package entry in the Add/Remove control panel (RFE #1349867)
  • Fixed comment handling (patch #1324898)
  • Fixed duplicate RegTool test in Library
  • Fixed invalid language selection according to $LANGUAGE in .onInit when only primary language match is found (bug #1328629)
  • Fixed missing RegTool error after install-reboot-install-reboot sequence with Library
  • Fixed portability issues with LogicLib (bug #1320297, patch #1248336)
  • Fixed SetOverwrite ifdiff always overwriting on FAT file system (bug #1338423)
  • Fixed wrong size of red.bmp check box image
  • Larger browse button for localized texts (bug #1314682)
  • Minor documentation improvements and fixes (including bug #1349810)
  • Sort language names in language selection dialog
  • Use the temporary directory for Library temporary files, instead of the possibly write-protected installation directory

F.51.2.4 Utilities and Plug-ins

  • Added /OEM switch for OEM to ANSI conversion in nsExec (patch #1346737)
  • Added /PROXY switch for manual proxy configuration in NSISdl (patch #1334166)
  • Added solid compression check box to zip2exe (patch #1334155)
  • Added stdin in MakeNSISw to allow xcopy to run
  • Added timestamp handling to zip2exe (bug #1349853)
  • Fixed input validation of nsExec
  • InstallOptions 2.44: Added HWND and HWND2 entries to the INI file to avoid messy calculations of the correct control id

F.51.2.5 Translations

  • Slovenian translation fixes and improvements

F.51.2.6 Build System

  • Added a workaround for linking errors caused by a bad library included in recent Platform SDK versions
  • Check for and use -pthread linker flag
  • Improved FreeBSD portability
  • Nicer error message for SCons version older than 0.96.90

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