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F.50 2.12

Released on December 17th, 2005

F.50.1 Changelog

F.50.1.1 Major Changes

F.50.1.2 New/Changed Commands

F.50.1.3 Minor Changes

F.50.1.4 Utilities and Plug-ins

  • Added drag & drop support for zip2exe
  • Better drag & drop error handling in MakeNSISw
  • Fixed Math plug-in array issues (bug #1235875)

F.50.1.5 Translations

  • Added browse button Danish translation
  • Breton translation fixes and improvements
  • Fixed finish button Swedish translation

F.50.1.6 Build System

  • Fixed endianess detection problem on POSIX platforms (bug #1370179)
  • Generated installers use nsis-VERSION-setup.exe template

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