2.0 Beta 0


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F.71 2.0 Beta 0

Released on December 6th, 2002

  • New paging system
  • Added Page and UninstPage
  • Removed .onNextPage, .onPrevPage, .onInitDialog
  • New easier version of the Modern User Interface with better multilanguage support, InstallOptions integration, welcome and finish page etc.
  • Custom pages no longer flicker when created
  • Added accelerator keys
  • Added LangString and LangStringUP for user defined multilingual strings
  • Added support for transparent check marks
  • Added InitPluginsDir
  • Renamed nsisconf.nsi to nsisconf.nsh
  • Added CreateShortcut comment/description parameter
  • Splash.exe is now a plugin (splash.dll)
  • Added new plugins: System, AdvSplash, nsExec, UserInfo, BgImage, Banner and StartMenu
  • !ifdef and friends can now be used in macros
  • SendMessage can send strings (put STR: before a param) and supports timeouts
  • Right mouse button "Copy to clipboard" context menu for the Details window
  • Plugin syntax now requires dll name, e.g. dll::func not just func
  • Licence text receives initial focus (page up & down work immediately, return key still works)
  • Made win9x move/delete on reboot support proper and function like on win2k
  • Now always loads RichEdit v2 if present (links work on Win9x)
  • DeleteRegKey now complains if given a third parameter (other than /ifempty)
  • RegDLL now works with DLLs dependent on DLLs from the same directory
  • ${LANG_langName} defined as the language id when loading a NLF
  • Fixed a few bugs that caused the installer to load slower than before
  • Uninstall can now get command line parameters too
  • Added ReserveFile
  • Added ExDLL.h
  • Included makensisw 1.9 (lots of changes)
  • Updated InstallOptions
  • Updated ZIP2EXE
  • Updated HTTP download plugin, NSIS-dl (timeout added, better proxy detection)
  • A lot of new language files
  • A lot of new icons and check marks
  • Changed section flags values
  • SectionSetFlags can now set bold too
  • SectionSetFlags now works in silent installers too
  • SectionSetName for sub sections doesn't need '-' in front of the name
  • Added SetPluginUnload
  • Hidden section can now use SectionIn too
  • File /nonfatal switch added
  • Plugins no longer add size to their containing section
  • Defines can now be used inside define names (${bla${blo}})
  • New docs format (WOOHA!)
  • EXE header size a lot smaller, 33.5KB for bzip2 and 34KB for zlib
  • Lots of other bugs fixed...

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