NI-DAQmx Test Panel

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NI-DAQmx Test Panel

The NI-DAQmx Test Panel allows you to monitor the current values of all NI-DAQmx digital I/O lines, ports, and analog input lines. The digital and analog outputs can also be controlled using the NI-DAQmx Test Panel. You can chart the values of your NI-DAQmx signals by double-clicking on the signals of interest and clicking Start on the Monitor tab.


Q: Why are the digital inputs and outputs toggling when they are not set to toggle, or why do the digital output always revert to the previous value when I write a value to the output?

This behavior can occur when multiple NI-DAQmx Global Virtual Channels are defined on the same line or port with different directions. It is recommended to only have one NI-DAQmx Global Virtual Channel defined for each digital resource.