What’s New in Bazaar 2.2?


What’s New in Bazaar 2.2?

This document outlines the major improvements in Bazaar 2.2 vs Bazaar 2.1. As well as summarizing improvements made to the core product, it highlights enhancements within the broader Bazaar world of potential interest to those upgrading.


Bazaar 2.2.0 is currently in development. While less stable than Bazaar 2.1.x, we aim to keep quality at a high level:

  • Monthly beta releases should be suitable for early adopters of new features.
  • Nightly builds are suitable for users interested in assisting with testing.

If it doubt, please use the latest 2.1 release instead.

Improved conflict handling

Tree-shape conflicts can be resolved by providing --take-this and --take-other to the bzr resolve command. Just marking the conflict as resolved is still accessible via the --done default action.

Improved Launchpad integration

Merges can be proposed on Launchpad with the new lp-propose-merge command.

Notable plugin enhancements

The grep plugin ...

Better documentation

Numerous improvements have been made to the developer documentation.

Enhanced GUI clients

(Details coming soon.)

Further information

For more detailed information on the changes made, be sure to check the Bazaar Release Notes for:

For a summary of changes made in earlier releases, see:

Enjoy, The Bazaar Development Team