Global Options


Global Options

These options may be used with any command, and may appear in front of any command. (e.g. bzr --profile help).

--version Print the version number. Must be supplied before the command.
--no-aliases Do not process command aliases when running this command.
--builtin Use the built-in version of a command, not the plugin version. This does not suppress other plugin effects.
--no-plugins Do not process any plugins.
--concurrency Number of processes that can be run concurrently (selftest).
--profile Profile execution using the hotshot profiler.
--lsprof Profile execution using the lsprof profiler.
--lsprof-file Profile execution using the lsprof profiler, and write the results to a specified file. If the filename ends with “.txt”, text format will be used. If the filename either starts with “callgrind.out” or end with “.callgrind”, the output will be formatted for use with KCacheGrind. Otherwise, the output will be a pickle.
--coverage Generate line coverage report in the specified directory.

See for more information on profiling.

A number of debug flags are also available to assist troubleshooting and development. See Debug Flags.