About Connectivity Secure Shell

Connectivity Secure Shell

About Connectivity Secure Shell

Connectivity Secure Shell is a client implementation of the Secure Shell protocol (SSH-2). It was developed to provide additional security for the existing suite of Hummingbird Connectivity products.

In addition to Secure Shell 2 support, Connectivity Secure Shell offers Connectivity Kerberos, Hummingbird’s implementation of the Kerberos 4 and 5 protocols. It also offers Connectivity SSL which you can use to SSL-enable HostExplorer TN3270, TN5250, and VT sessions, as well as Hummingbird FTP and Classic FTP sessions.


Connectivity Secure Shell is comprised of the following components:

  • Connectivity Secure Shell Management Console—This console is the hub of Connectivity Secure Shell functionality. Use it to create, configure, and launch Secure Shell sessions, and to monitor sessions that are running. It also provides access to Hummingbird Certificate and Key Manager.
  • Connectivity Secure Shell engine—This is the SSH-2 client engine. It starts and maintains tunnel connections as configured in the management console. It also listens for port forwarding connections.
  • Hummingbird Certificate and Key Manager—This management and data store component provides the Key Generation Wizard for generating Secure Shell key pairs for public-key authentication purposes. It also lets you generate self-signed certificates and certificate requests with the Certificate Creation Wizard. The Connectivity Secure Shell engine uses Certificate and Key Manager to access keys and certificates in the key and certificate stores.