About Securing Third-Party FTP Clients

Connectivity Secure Shell

About Securing Third-Party FTP Clients

In addition to securing Hummingbird FTP client sessions, Connectivity Secure Shell lets you secure FTP sessions established with third-party FTP clients, provided they let you send arbitrary FTP commands.

  Securing an FTP connection requires you to perform the following steps:

You can use command line arguments to start the SFTP proxy server, and to instruct it to listen for FTP connections on the same interface to which you configured the FTP client to send its connection requests.

Instead of connecting directly to the target host, your FTP client must be configured to connect to Connectivity Secure Shell’s SFTP proxy server using the specified listening interface (the IP address and port on which the SFTP proxy server is listening). You must also configure it to send the necessary instructions to the SFTP proxy server to start a Secure Shell connection to the target host.