Features and Functionality

Connectivity Secure Shell

Features and Functionality

You can use Connectivity Secure Shell to secure sessions initiated with other Hummingbird Connectivity products:

  • Secure X Window sessions initiated with HostExplorer or Xstart.
  • Secure VT terminal sessions initiated with HostExplorer.
  • Secure FTP file transfers initiated with Hummingbird FTP and Classic FTP.

You can also secure connections initiated with third-party applications that run on TCP-based protocols such as TELNET, IMAP, and POP, to name a few.

Secure Shell Setting Configuration

Connectivity Secure Shell lets you configure a number of Secure Shell protocol settings. You can save the settings as tunnel profiles, which you can use to launch future sessions either from Connectivity Secure Shell itself, or from within Secure Shell-enabled Hummingbird Connectivity products.

The following is a sample of the settings you can configure:

  • Choose from four supported authentication methods: Password, Keyboard interactive, Public/Private key, and Kerberos.
  • Choose from several strong encryption algorithms.
  • Choose from several Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms to ensure data integrity.
  • Configure agent forwarding for remote authentication.
  • Set tunnel parameters including window size, connection timeout, compression values, trace level, and so on.

Real-Time Monitoring

Connectivity Secure Shell console lets you monitor the Secure Shell sessions by displaying information about tunnels and channels connected to the client. This information is useful for debugging and troubleshooting purposes.

Certificate and Key Manager

The Certificate and Key Manager centralizes the management of public/private key pairs, user certificates, server certificates, and trusted root certificates. You can use it to import and export keys in different formats. Access Certificate and Key Manager from the Connectivity Secure Shell console.

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