Using Tunnel Profiles to Secure X Window Sessions

Connectivity Secure Shell

Using Tunnel Profiles to Secure X Window Sessions

This procedure is useful if you want to use a customized Secure Shell tunnel to connect to the host, instead of using the default tunnel as described in Securing Hummingbird X Window Sessions. This is necessary if you want to modify Secure Shell tunnel settings that are not accessible in Xstart.

Connectivity Secure Shell tunnel profiles contain all the parameters necessary to start and configure a Secure Shell tunnel. When you create your Xstart profile, you can configure it to call the necessary connection parameters from a custom tunnel profile of your choice. You can create tunnel profiles with Connectivity Secure Shell before hand, and then select one to be used for your X Window session, or you can create them on the fly while you configure your Xstart profile.

To create a customized, Secure Shell-enabled Xstart profile:

  1. Launch Xstart.
  2. In the Xstart window, select Secure Shell as the startup method.
  3. Click Settings. The Xstart Settings dialog box opens.
  4. Click the Security tab.
  5. With the Use For Authentication Only option, specify which data you want to secure. If you do not enable this option, Xstart secures your authentication to the host as well as all X application data that is passed thereafter. If you enable the option, only the authentication process is secured.
  6. Click Properties. The Secure Shell Configuration dialog box opens.
  7. To specify the tunnel profile you want to use to establish the Secure Shell tunnel for the session, do one of the following and then click OK:
    • Type the name of the tunnel profile (profilename.csp) into the CSS Tunnel Profile box.
    • Click Browse to select from a list of your tunnel profiles. Click Open.
    • If you have not yet created a tunnel profile or if you want to create a new one, click Create. The Add New Tunnel dialog opens. For more information on creating a Tunnel profile, see Creating Tunnel Profiles.
  8. In the Xstart Settings dialog box, specify a command, and then click OK.
  9. The connection parameters configured in the tunnel profile now appear in the Connection area of the Xstart window.
    • Click the Save button to save the Xstart profile.
    • Click the Run button to launch the session.

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