Viewing Channel Output

Connectivity Secure Shell

Viewing Channel Output

The bottom pane in the Connection window is the Output window displays the output for the channel selected in the Channel pane. To display this window, in the left pane of the Connectivity Secure Shell Console, click Connection in the Tunnels folder. Use the Toggle Channel Tracing button in the top pane to enable and disable this view.

To configure the format of the information displayed in the Output window, click the Output Window Settings button in the Tunnel pane to access the Output Window Settings dialog box, which lets you set the following options:

  • Data Format—Specify a format for the displayed data. You can view the data as ASCII, EBCDIC, or ASCII and EBCDIC. Otherwise, you can specify no conversion.
  • Data Update Time—Specify the amount of time in seconds between output window data updates.
  • Number Of Lines For The Output Window—Specify the number of lines you want to be displayed in the output window.

To clear all output, click the Clear Output Window button.

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