Overriding Tunnel Profile Connection Parameters

Connectivity Secure Shell

Overriding Tunnel Profile Connection Parameters

If you created an Xstart profile that references connection parameters from a tunnel profile as described in Using Tunnel Profiles to Secure X Window Sessions, you can modify the imported connection parameters without altering the tunnel profile itself. Xstart lets you save the new parameters as overrides.

You can use the Connection area of the Xstart Window to specify tunnel parameter overrides either while you are creating an Xstart profile, or while editing an existing profile.

Specify new parameters to override the tunnel value. To revert to the original tunnel values, click the Reload button.

Overriding Authentication Method Settings

To override the authentication method settings specified by the tunnel profile, click Settings in the Xstart window. In the Xstart Settings dialog box, click Properties on the Secure Shell page. The Secure Shell Configuration dialog box opens. Click Config to access the authentication settings. See Authentication for further instruction.