Support for Other scp2 Tools

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Support for Other scp2 Tools

Hummingbird scp2 supports the command line formats of a number of other scp2 tools. Specifically, Hummingbird scp2 offers command line argument compatibility with the versions of scp2 offered by SSH.COM, F-Secure, PuTTY, and OpenSSH.

To use Hummingbird scp2 in one of the compatibility modes, run scp2 and use the –emulate argument, passing one of the following values as a parameter:

1—for native Hummingbird operation


3—for F-Secure

4—for PuTTY

5—for OpenSSH

Hummingbird scp2 will remember the compatibility type you select, and will run in that compatibility mode until you run the command again to indicate another mode.

In each of the compatibility modes, running scp2 without any arguments will give you usage information appropriate for that compatibility mode.