Copying Tunnel profiles

Connectivity Secure Shell

Copying Tunnel profiles

Instead of creating a new tunnel profile with default settings, you can create a new profile using a previously generated profile as the basis.

To create a tunnel profile based on another profile:

  1. In the Connectivity Secure Shell Management Console, open the Tunnels folder and click Connection. The three-paned Connection window is displayed.
  2. Click the Open Tunnel button in the top pane. The Open Tunnel dialog box opens.
  3. Select the tunnel profile on which you want to base the new profile.
  4. Click the Copy button.
  5. Click the Paste button. A copy of the selected tunnel profile appears on the profile list with same name as the original. The name is followed by a number in brackets to distinguish it from the original. The numbers are incremented for each successive copy made to distinguish one copy from another.

You can now start the tunnel with the same settings as the original, or customize the tunnel settings first.

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