Viewing Information about Tunnels

Connectivity Secure Shell

Viewing Information about Tunnels

The Tunnel pane displays a list of active tunnels and provides information about each tunnel’s configuration and performance. To display the Tunnel pane, in the left pane of the Connectivity Secure Shell Console, click Connection in the Tunnels folder.



Tunnel Name

Indicates the name of the tunnel profile used to establish the tunnel.

Host Name

Indicates the host to which the tunnel is connected.


Indicates the host port to which the tunnel is connected.

User Name

Indicates the login name used to connect to the host.


Indicates if the tunnel is configured to carry X11 sessions.


Indicates the number of active channels in the tunnel.

Bytes In

Indicates the amount of data received.

Bytes Out

Indicates the amount of data sent.

Started Time

Indicates when the tunnel was established.

The buttons in this viewing area let you access and configure existing tunnels, unload tunnels that are currently started, and manage the information displayed.

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