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Copy Example


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Sub Example_Copy_Prototypes()
    ' This example copies a the first prototype in the collection
    ' to a "Copy of " the first prototype..
    Dim prots As AeccPrototypes
    Dim prot As AeccPrototype
    Dim protcopy As AeccPrototype
    Set prots = AeccApplication.Prototypes
    Set prot = prots.Item(0)
    Dim source As String
    Dim target As String
    ' Get the source and target prototype names
    source = prot.Name
    target = "Copy of " & source
    ' Make copy of prototype
    Set protcopy = prots.Copy(source, target)
    MsgBox "The copied prototype is named: " & protcopy.Name, vbInformation, "Copy Example"
End Sub

Sub Example_Copy_Surfaces()
    ' This example copies a surface.
    Dim surfs As AeccSurfaces
    Dim surf As AeccSurface
    Dim surfCopy As AeccSurface
    Set surfs = AeccApplication.ActiveProject.Surfaces
    Set surf = surfs.Item(0)
    Dim source As String
    ' Get name of surface to copy
    source = surf.Name
    Set surfCopy = surfs.Copy(source)
    MsgBox "The copied surface is named: " & surfCopy.Name, vbInformation, "Copy Example"
End Sub