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light.h File Reference

Defines the aiLight data structure. More...


struct  aiLight
 Helper structure to describe a light source. More...


Detailed Description

Defines the aiLight data structure.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Enumerates all supported types of light sources.


A directional light source has a well-defined direction but is infinitely far away.

That's quite a good approximation for sun light.


A point light source has a well-defined position in space but no direction - it emits light in all directions.

A normal bulb is a point light.


A spot light source emits light in a specific angle.

It has a position and a direction it is pointing to. A good example for a spot light is a light spot in sport arenas.


The generic light level of the world, including the bounces of all other lightsources.

Typically, there's at most one ambient light in a scene. This light type doesn't have a valid position, direction, or other properties, just a color.


This value is not used.

It is just there to force the compiler to map this enum to a 32 Bit integer.

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