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CPP-API: Abstract interface for log stream implementations. More...

Inherits AllocateFromAssimpHeap.

Public Member Functions

virtual void write (const char *message)=0
 Overwrite this for your own output methods. More...
virtual ~LogStream ()
 Virtual destructor. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static LogStreamcreateDefaultStream (aiDefaultLogStream stream, const char *name="AssimpLog.txt", IOSystem *io=NULL)
 Creates a default log stream. More...

Protected Member Functions

 LogStream ()
 Default constructor. More...

Detailed Description

CPP-API: Abstract interface for log stream implementations.

Several default implementations are provided, see aiDefaultLogStream for more details. Writing your own implementation of LogStream is just necessary if these are not enough for your purpose.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Assimp::LogStream::LogStream ( )

Default constructor.

virtual Assimp::LogStream::~LogStream ( )

Virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

static LogStream* Assimp::LogStream::createDefaultStream ( aiDefaultLogStream  stream,
const char *  name = "AssimpLog.txt",
IOSystem io = NULL 

Creates a default log stream.

streamsType of the default stream
nameFor aiDefaultLogStream_FILE: name of the output file
ioFor aiDefaultLogStream_FILE: IOSystem to be used to open the output file. Pass NULL for the default implementation.
New LogStream instance.
virtual void Assimp::LogStream::write ( const char *  message)
pure virtual

Overwrite this for your own output methods.

Log messages may consist of multiple lines and you shouldn't expect a consistent formatting. If you want custom formatting (e.g. generate HTML), supply a custom instance of Logger to #DefaultLogger:set(). Usually you can expect that a log message is exactly one line and terminated with a single

messageMessage to be written
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