Assimp: aiMemoryInfo Struct Reference

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Stores the memory requirements for different components (e.g. More...

Public Member Functions

 aiMemoryInfo ()
 Default constructor. More...

Public Attributes

unsigned int animations
 Storage allocated for animation data. More...
unsigned int cameras
 Storage allocated for camera data. More...
unsigned int lights
 Storage allocated for light data. More...
unsigned int materials
 Storage allocated for material data. More...
unsigned int meshes
 Storage allocated for mesh data. More...
unsigned int nodes
 Storage allocated for node data. More...
unsigned int textures
 Storage allocated for texture data. More...
unsigned int total
 Total storage allocated for the full import. More...

Detailed Description

Stores the memory requirements for different components (e.g.

meshes, materials, animations) of an import. All sizes are in bytes.

See also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aiMemoryInfo::aiMemoryInfo ( )

Default constructor.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int aiMemoryInfo::animations

Storage allocated for animation data.

unsigned int aiMemoryInfo::cameras

Storage allocated for camera data.

unsigned int aiMemoryInfo::lights

Storage allocated for light data.

unsigned int aiMemoryInfo::materials

Storage allocated for material data.

unsigned int aiMemoryInfo::meshes

Storage allocated for mesh data.

unsigned int aiMemoryInfo::nodes

Storage allocated for node data.

unsigned int aiMemoryInfo::textures

Storage allocated for texture data.

unsigned int aiMemoryInfo::total

Total storage allocated for the full import.

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