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Window States

Indigo's provides a unique size and positioning feature called Window States. There are five window state slot locations that you can store to. Simply set the program window to the location on the screen and to the size that you like, then click the "Save Window State" option in the "Tools" / "Windows States" menu.

A windows state save dialog will appear where you may select the window slot. You can choose if you want to record both the window size and position, or just one. You also can give the window slot a friendly name which will appear in the menu. Complete by pressing the "Save" button.

Now you can move the program window to another location or resize the program window. At any time you can now select the window slot from the "Tools" / "Windows States" menu and Indigo will immediately move and resize back to the recorded size/position.

Indigo also provides quick access to the window states via the Window States toolbar. The green buttons numbered one through five are pressed to recall a window slot. The last button with the arrows is the save window states button. If this toolbar is not visible, you can click the "Windows States Toolbar" option in the "Edit" menu.