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Post Processing Scripts

Indigo supports an advanced feature called Post Processing Scripts. This feature essentailly allows you to create custom script files (VBScript & JScript) that can process the incomming session data before it is dispalyed to the terminal session data window.

To enabled and configure this option, you must open the session properties dialog and select the "Settings" tab. The Post Processing Script is the last option in the list. Selecting the checkbox in the list will enable this feature.

To confiure the scipting options, first, you select the scripting lanaguge that you wish to use. Indigo supports VBScript (*.vbs) and JScript (*.js) files.

Second, you must select the script file that contains processing code that you wish to execute. The script files must be located in the SCRIPTS directory in Indigo's program path.

C:\Program Files\shadeBlue\Indigo\Scripts

Finally you must select the actual function or subroutine in the script file to execute.

The TEST button is available for you to test the selected script function. The test will prompt you with simulation data to send to your script function.

A sample VB Script file is included to serve as an exmaple for you to create your own custom scripts. PostProcessingSample.vbs
Please review this file for more details on how to define compatible post processing script files.

Indigo's post processing script feature will support both script functions and script subroutines. If a FUNCTION is defined in the script file, you should specify the return data text to be displayed to the session data window. If you use a SUBROUTINE, Indigo will display the unaltered recieved data to the session data window.

Note, when a call is made to the selected function of the script, it is a blocking call. This means that Indigo will wait until your script function or subroutine has completed before continuing. If you script processing logic is complex, it may degrade the performance of Indigo or even crash the main program, especially if a large volume of data is being continiously received. Use the scriting feature with with care.