Installing the KBD300A Keyboard

DS ControlPoint

The KBD300A keyboard is wired directly to a maximum of 16 receivers. You can communicate using Pelco P or Pelco D protocol. Direct Mode installation/operation is not the same as CM6700 mode or CM6800 mode installation/operation.
NOTE: A remote keyboard wiring kit (KBDKIT or KBDKIT-X) is required to use the keyboard in Direct Mode. The KBDKIT consists of two RJ-45 wall blocks and a 120 VAC to 12 VAC transformer. The KBDKIT-X is for 230 VAC. Only one wall block is required for this application.
Figure 51.  RS-422 Connections
4. Connect the transmission wires from the receiver (Spectra® or Esprit® system) to the wall block.
NOTE: Communication to the keyboards is RS-422. The maximum cable distance for RS-422 communication over a 24-gauge wire is 1,219 meters (4,000 feet). It is recommended that you use shielded twisted pair cable that meets or exceeds the basic requirements for EIA RS-422 applications.
NOTE: The USB brand name should appear in the Ports list if it is installed correctly. Refer to the USB manufacturer for driver compatibility with Microsoft® Windows®.